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Monday, March 1, 2010

Idk what to title this...

So i guess there are times in everybody's life where they see/read/hear something that makes them feel a certain way. Its not one of those feeling that you can describe straight out. Its a mixed feeling of different emotions and shit that make you feel different. I guess you can say im feeling like that right now and have been for a bit. I guess its all this shit that's going on in my life. Bullshit, happiness, joy, sadness, etc. Ehh idk anymore. Shits getting to deep. I need to start getting into DGAF mode more. In DGAF mode nothing really matters. I like it, but then i dont. I feel wrong in it. Like, i should care but end up not caring and fucking everything up. W/e thats it for the night. I'll just sleep on it. Hopefully tomorrow ill be over it and move on with my life.

Ill leave you with a song.


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  1. Hey Brotha!! Don't let your self get down to a depression status you have friends that care !! you can call me any time brotha!! its time to put shit aside and take a little time for your self!!

    let me know when you have some free time we can meet like at Starbucks and kick back!!