Go pound some sand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Mean, I Love Hyper Crush But...

Yes yes, another one of these posts. Oh well, fuck you haters if you don't like it.

This is the Hyper Crush I fell in love with (metaphorically)


Not this shit

When they were independent their music was better IN MY OPINION!!!!! And i believe that any true Hyper Crush fan would agree

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nigga Don't Act Like A.....


That's Why I Don't Got Love For A......


This song is great.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new start

Well its time for me to have a new start. On what you might add? My car of course! After a while of doing lost of haggard shit to it it finally dawned on me... fuck this isnt the way to go.... Well it didnt really happen just like that, it was more of my driver side CV joint snapping on me. Yeah, that's right, i broke yet ANOTHER axle. after about a day of kicking myself in the ass and wondering WTF am i goign to do(and a stern talking to from Mike Ma) i decided that haggard will be no more when it comes to my car. From now on, everything will be done right on my car. If i want to go lower, ill have to save up for a set of nice coilovers. if i want to be flush, no more spacers or adapters, save up to buy a set of proper fitting wheels. Going to start doing ti right so my shit doesn't break anymore.

For starters i took out my cut springs and put in uncut DF210s.


Raised my car up about 1" but fuck it, its worth it. Also im borrowing some wheels from a good friend of mine too.


Next is getting my driver axle replaced and a new fender that will actually be painted BOP! yup no more sticker bomb or rust bullshit. Clean it will be.

So in the end all i have to say is


Friday, August 20, 2010

Longo Scion present New Dimension 9/12/2010 FREE Event! Car show Drag Racing FREE!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this with everyone.

On behalf of Longo Scion, we at M2-Motoring and Longo Scion would like to invite everyone to our annual event. The name of the event is New Dimension. It's free for all to attend, show, or even drag race. That's right costs you ZERO . Check out the flyer and info below.



September 12 2010
Toyota/Irwindale speedway Address - 500 Speedway Drive • Irwindale, California 91706

The categories are as follows

Best of Show
Best Team Overall
Best Team Represent
Fastest Team

Show Awards:
xA/xD - Mild 1-3
xA/xD - Wild 1-3
xB - Street 1-3
xB - Mild 1-3
xB - Wild 1-3
xB2 - Mild 1-3
xB2 - Wild 1-3
tC - Street 1-3
tC - Mild 1-3
tC - Wild 1-3
Best JDM - 1-3
Best VIP - 1-3
Best Audio/Video - 1-3
Best Engine - 1-3
Best Paint - 1
Best Vinyl - 1
Best Stance - 1-3

Drag Challenge:
xA/xB/xD 1-3 Fastest ET
xB2 - 1-3 Fastest ET
tC - 1-3 Fastest ET N/A
tC - 1-3 Fastest ET F/I
Fastest R/T overall
Fastest ET

We are also having a raffle for our event where proceeds will go to charity. The raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 tickets for $5. If you were at our event last year, the raffle prizes are EPIC. Sponsors of our event are generously donating product towards our event and the sponsors for this event are below.

Al and Eds Autosound
Mothers car care products
DC Sports
5axis designs
Parle clothing
Scion Optimize
Inno Roof Racks
Flux snow board bindings
Wheel Pros
NOS Energy drinks

Pinkberry will also be there selling frozen yogurt and proceeds of sales will be going to charity as well!

This just in. We will have the new 2011 tC and iQ on display also for all of you that want to see it in person!

Make sure you pre reg for this event @ www.m2-motoring.com as it helps us plan or enough space for you all to be there! Thanks!!!

Did I forget to mention it is FREE!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some thing I Overherd

"There's this shop in cali i heared bad news about. Just want to make sure you guys dont go there... Its called ******** ******
just looking out for yall"

"yea know i think i heard of that place...i heard that it takes a year to get your work dont on your car"

"ya u seem to know... Personal Experience?"

"the guy that was driving looked like he just got out of jail and didnt speak any english
lol...no it was a friend...LMFAO"

"damn tell your friend that a monkey wouldnt take the car there"

Ahhhhhh Shit!!! Looks like I'm not the only person talking lately

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Sorry Anthony But.....

When your car looked like this...


it looked a hell of a lot fucking better then how it looks now.


Those rear flares ruin it. I'm being straight up with you. You see why you don't take your car to a shitty shop and have shitty work done?

I'll say it again, those rear flares look like complete shit in my honest opinion.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Oh how it brought me back in with open arms. I really hate it here, but it looks like im here more than i should be. I hate my life, i really do. All the pros dont out weigh the cons. Not saying that i have the worse life out there, which i dont, but it's still shitty. Arguments almost everyday, suicidal thoughts, so much bullshit i dont need. I swear, i think to myself, "what would be the best way to off myself that would leave an impact on this shitty world." Because honestly that would be the only way i could leave an impact on this world.