Go pound some sand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Mean, I Love Hyper Crush But...

Yes yes, another one of these posts. Oh well, fuck you haters if you don't like it.

This is the Hyper Crush I fell in love with (metaphorically)


Not this shit

When they were independent their music was better IN MY OPINION!!!!! And i believe that any true Hyper Crush fan would agree

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nigga Don't Act Like A.....


That's Why I Don't Got Love For A......


This song is great.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new start

Well its time for me to have a new start. On what you might add? My car of course! After a while of doing lost of haggard shit to it it finally dawned on me... fuck this isnt the way to go.... Well it didnt really happen just like that, it was more of my driver side CV joint snapping on me. Yeah, that's right, i broke yet ANOTHER axle. after about a day of kicking myself in the ass and wondering WTF am i goign to do(and a stern talking to from Mike Ma) i decided that haggard will be no more when it comes to my car. From now on, everything will be done right on my car. If i want to go lower, ill have to save up for a set of nice coilovers. if i want to be flush, no more spacers or adapters, save up to buy a set of proper fitting wheels. Going to start doing ti right so my shit doesn't break anymore.

For starters i took out my cut springs and put in uncut DF210s.


Raised my car up about 1" but fuck it, its worth it. Also im borrowing some wheels from a good friend of mine too.


Next is getting my driver axle replaced and a new fender that will actually be painted BOP! yup no more sticker bomb or rust bullshit. Clean it will be.

So in the end all i have to say is


Friday, August 20, 2010

Longo Scion present New Dimension 9/12/2010 FREE Event! Car show Drag Racing FREE!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this with everyone.

On behalf of Longo Scion, we at M2-Motoring and Longo Scion would like to invite everyone to our annual event. The name of the event is New Dimension. It's free for all to attend, show, or even drag race. That's right costs you ZERO . Check out the flyer and info below.



September 12 2010
Toyota/Irwindale speedway Address - 500 Speedway Drive • Irwindale, California 91706

The categories are as follows

Best of Show
Best Team Overall
Best Team Represent
Fastest Team

Show Awards:
xA/xD - Mild 1-3
xA/xD - Wild 1-3
xB - Street 1-3
xB - Mild 1-3
xB - Wild 1-3
xB2 - Mild 1-3
xB2 - Wild 1-3
tC - Street 1-3
tC - Mild 1-3
tC - Wild 1-3
Best JDM - 1-3
Best VIP - 1-3
Best Audio/Video - 1-3
Best Engine - 1-3
Best Paint - 1
Best Vinyl - 1
Best Stance - 1-3

Drag Challenge:
xA/xB/xD 1-3 Fastest ET
xB2 - 1-3 Fastest ET
tC - 1-3 Fastest ET N/A
tC - 1-3 Fastest ET F/I
Fastest R/T overall
Fastest ET

We are also having a raffle for our event where proceeds will go to charity. The raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 tickets for $5. If you were at our event last year, the raffle prizes are EPIC. Sponsors of our event are generously donating product towards our event and the sponsors for this event are below.

Al and Eds Autosound
Mothers car care products
DC Sports
5axis designs
Parle clothing
Scion Optimize
Inno Roof Racks
Flux snow board bindings
Wheel Pros
NOS Energy drinks

Pinkberry will also be there selling frozen yogurt and proceeds of sales will be going to charity as well!

This just in. We will have the new 2011 tC and iQ on display also for all of you that want to see it in person!

Make sure you pre reg for this event @ www.m2-motoring.com as it helps us plan or enough space for you all to be there! Thanks!!!

Did I forget to mention it is FREE!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some thing I Overherd

"There's this shop in cali i heared bad news about. Just want to make sure you guys dont go there... Its called ******** ******
just looking out for yall"

"yea know i think i heard of that place...i heard that it takes a year to get your work dont on your car"

"ya u seem to know... Personal Experience?"

"the guy that was driving looked like he just got out of jail and didnt speak any english
lol...no it was a friend...LMFAO"

"damn tell your friend that a monkey wouldnt take the car there"

Ahhhhhh Shit!!! Looks like I'm not the only person talking lately

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Sorry Anthony But.....

When your car looked like this...


it looked a hell of a lot fucking better then how it looks now.


Those rear flares ruin it. I'm being straight up with you. You see why you don't take your car to a shitty shop and have shitty work done?

I'll say it again, those rear flares look like complete shit in my honest opinion.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Oh how it brought me back in with open arms. I really hate it here, but it looks like im here more than i should be. I hate my life, i really do. All the pros dont out weigh the cons. Not saying that i have the worse life out there, which i dont, but it's still shitty. Arguments almost everyday, suicidal thoughts, so much bullshit i dont need. I swear, i think to myself, "what would be the best way to off myself that would leave an impact on this shitty world." Because honestly that would be the only way i could leave an impact on this world.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Man oh man, don't get me started on newbs. They think they know shit but they really dont. prime example is the newbs of Scionlife.com. They come in thinking they are the shit on their gay ass Rotas and racelands. Hey i got news for you dumbass! ALMOST EVERY TC HAS FUCKING ROTAS AND RACELANDS! You can only talk when u achieved high stats like tCpete, tCtCtC, 1greektc, flintmica2005, davedavetc, joyride and the other guys that actually know WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. So for now STFU, grow a pair, and learn to listen and FUCKING SEARCH!!!!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fuck Me.

Damn, this feeling is back. Oh how i hate this feeling. This feeling that has been haunting me for what seems like forever but its only been 2 years. It seems to come back when i don't want it to. Always when I'm having fun or trying to do something important it comes and takes my mind off everything except it. I think they call it loneliness. Not like the loneliness of not having friends. More just like... yeah. Knowing that you have no chance getting with anybody. Your personality sucks, your physical appearance sucks, you just suck in general! Most you can get is friendships, and even then that is a long shot. You try to change, you try to get in shape but nope, nothing. Nothing you do can seem to hep you. Nice guys finish last and everybody hates cocky, arrogant douchebags. Ive tried being nice, I've tried being and ass, nothing. I dare not step into d'bag territory. That place is bad news bears. Man, how i wish i could just have somebody in my life that means something to me. Somebody I can relate to more than a friend, that I can talk to whenever about whatever and it not seem annoying or weird. And no it's not about the sex or any of that shit. Its just having that one person, that one special person that you can call your significant other.

Talk about me hating my life right now. I have to say i think i am pretty fucked up in the head. Doubt there is a cure. I have such a nice life too. Its just that one thing that missing. That one Little fucking thing that can help me not feel like this. Why is it so hard? And dont give me that bullshit that it isn't it fucking is! "When the time is right" Fuck when is it my time? Ive been fucking waiting for my goddamn time and it hasn't come. I dont fucking know how much longer i can wait either! Fuck this shit. I need to go smoke a bowl or a few. Maybe that will help me not fucking feel this way even if it is only temporary.

And for all those people that read this and are saying to yourself, "I never knew he was like this. This kids fucking crazy," I fucking hide it well dont I?

Fuck Me

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stay Tuned!

Updates of my 4th of July pranks/explosives/sinagigans/and whate ever else i get myself into tonight! Shits gonna be fucking fun!


Thursday, July 1, 2010


I haven't felt like this in a long time. It feel great! Haven't been this happy is a long time. I honestly feel like im the luckiest guy on earth at this moment.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Yeahhhh Buddyyyyyy


New stance. Over the "Hellaflush" stance. tucking 18's on a xB is fine with me. I can drive WAY LOWER now too.

Finalizing the front stance this weekend.


Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Single

Not just for tonight, but probably for a long time. Cuz honestly? Who would want to be with a guy like me? ........................ Yeah exactly.

Fuck Life.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Release

When I'm feeling like this

This is my release


My pain comes from me being a fuck up

you cant give me medical attention to ease my pain
sometimes i feel helpless and need something to relieve my brain
you may love your M.D.
but he has none in store for me
so when a rainy pours on me
My dream for fillers and killers

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Demon Camber

Fucking Intense!



Yes It Drives!


Shits just crazy! so much camber!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Know, I Know, You've All Missed Me

Yeah.... who am i kidding. nobody fucking reads this blog. lol. Well good news for all that do. Ill be making more regular updates now that school is basically done! yup! the wookie is back! ill be covering some stuff going on this summer as well as other random things as usual. So stay tuned! The Ramblings of a Wookie are comming back!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Spring Cleaning

Cleaning my rims that is






Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One/One Show!

Yup, I'll be at another Fatlace show =]


"Somewhere along the way it all got twisted. Somehow, car shows devolved from gatherings of the talented and inspired into mad assemblies of competitive lust. Representing your crew and area code, working towards a magazine photo shoot and cheap sponsorships. Darkened convention center halls, fog machines and girls seeking the MTV lottery.

Remember when shows were about getting together with people from across town, county and state, and checking the local flavor? When cats took time to explain how they did a wire tuck instead of telling you to Google it? We remember those days. And we’re bringing them back. One/One isn’t reinventing the car show; it’s refining it. Come see how at the opening round of the 2010 Formula D season, April 9-10, at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

One/One will be showcasing 4 of today’s top builders from Southern California in an open forum, taking questions from the audience. No pretense. All passion. Sharing ideas, passing knowledge. The infamous PJ Bonafacio and his classic cars, Brandon from Bowls, San Diego’s own, Auto Fashion, and Judson Bryan from JDM EGO. They’ll all be displaying their latest creations and will be around to talk about their builds.

We’ll have awards. Everyone appreciates recognition for their efforts, even better if it helps offset some of the build costs. But trophies aren’t what car shows are about. Don’t think we’re just trippin’ on nostalgia. We’ve got the latest goods from the hottest hands. We’ve got DJs you HAVE heard of. We’re Bringing the Ruckus, one of the most contemporary trends out of L.A., via Japan. And the Gallery, where you can see VIP, Classic, Time Attack/Drift, and Flushed cars. 150 Spots where we’ll divide the cars up by style. If you’re a team wanting to display together, we can do that too. There will also be a Motorcycle/Ruckus category. Limited space is available for car show competitors and teams. We’ll be hand selecting “the best of the best” from each region on the Formula Drift Tour. Please tell us about your love for your car and we hope to see you at the next event. Even if you don’t make it into the show due to limited space, we’d still love to meet you and talk to you at the show. We love cars too, and we’ll be at every show, personally.

Registration starts today. $35 per car which includes 2 tickets to both the show and drift event. $20 per ruckus which includes 1 ticket.

** This event requires you to leave your car overnight in a super secured lot. If for some reason you cannot, please contact us and we can arrange for you to roll in on Saturday morning."


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'd Like To Introduce....

I'd like to introduce you to that thing that was in my garage forever.... The Fail bumper. This was a project Mike and i were workign on when i crashed my car. it never came to be because the bumper was so fucked up that it was too wavy even after we glassed it and bondo'd it. Its on for now cuz my other one is off for reasons that will not be said.... >.> <.< So while its on it'll be open to sign and stickerbomb. lol Fanboi stats rite? lol I DGAF!!!!! so yeah if you see it sign the fail bumper or add a sticker!






Yezzum? http://formspring.me/xeamonsterx

Monday, March 15, 2010

test update

so i got a new phone finally. got an ap for blogger so im just testing it out

Friday, March 12, 2010

So It's Official

I busted an axle. Passenger side to be exact. I think its a record, busted an axle at 42K lol. Well its getting fixed for free so no worries. Also found out that i have busted exhaust hangers..... lol good thing i got an exhaust sponsor! Well that's it for now. I should have a better update in a lil bit.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Airshocks

On 18s =



rubadubdub! lol


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tell Me What You Think

Yay Or Nay?





Specs: 18x8 -2 0* 215/35/18


Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Idk what to title this...

So i guess there are times in everybody's life where they see/read/hear something that makes them feel a certain way. Its not one of those feeling that you can describe straight out. Its a mixed feeling of different emotions and shit that make you feel different. I guess you can say im feeling like that right now and have been for a bit. I guess its all this shit that's going on in my life. Bullshit, happiness, joy, sadness, etc. Ehh idk anymore. Shits getting to deep. I need to start getting into DGAF mode more. In DGAF mode nothing really matters. I like it, but then i dont. I feel wrong in it. Like, i should care but end up not caring and fucking everything up. W/e thats it for the night. I'll just sleep on it. Hopefully tomorrow ill be over it and move on with my life.

Ill leave you with a song.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Wish I Had Stance Like This!

(Stolen off of Canibeat- http://www.stanceworks.com/canibeat/?p=8039&cpage=1#comment-2868)

Ommar's xB is looking Fawking Fresh! Grippa Flush anybody? lol

SDSF going hard these days!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still Not Low Enough!


If my lip can clear it, im not low enough!


Sick Pic!


SBC RPF1s + Roof Rack = Sex on a tC


Friday, February 19, 2010


I, Eamon, am a sticker whore!








Another Rambling

So I'm sitting here in my READ96 class again..... its 9:06am. Class has only been in session for an hour and i'm already bored. We are talking about Main Ideas & Paragraph Structure. Yeah, you see why i'm bored. I just want this class to be over so i can leave and go work on my buddies car. Haven't worked on his Hachi in a good min. Doing suspension work today and probably installing his new wheel. If i can get that stubborn screw out that is. The guy sitting 3 spots to my left is spazzing out. I think he is a tweeker. Looks like he hasn't got his morning fix yet. We have to pair up to compare answers to our homework. I didn't do it, My partner didn't do it, so yeah, what to do now... My teacher is pretty chill. She is not boring like English teacher or Philosophy teacher. "Attention up front!" my teacher just yelled at us. LOL, what she think we are? Highschoolers? I have no idea what we are talking about now. Depression i think. IDK why. All i heard was "where would people most likely be this" and then the states Washington, Alaska, Illinois, and Maine. Now we are talking about radiation... yeahhh..... weird class. So its 9:25 now... i want it to be 10:30 so i can go on break. Then its time for lab at 11:00am. then i'm out at 11:50am!

Tomorrow will be a good day. Leaving to Buttonwillow for HellaFlush 3.5! I hope it doesn't rain much. I really wanted to put my intake back in but didn't cuz of the forecast. I guess i wont open my hood for the show then. Can't really show off a Gutted OEM intake w/ K&N Filter. I just realized that my F5 intake hasnt been on for about a month now.... wow... I really need to pickup a dry charger for it so it doesn't get so wet when it rains.

WOW Ok, there is a girl in my class with a Disney Fairies Sippy cup style thing. It's really freaking me out.

Great... we are getting a time management lecture now. Ima stop typing now. I'll be back later with some useful update.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song Of The Day


lol jk its just Pharoahe Monch


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Songs Of The Day

Happy Valentines Day Everybody


Friday, February 12, 2010

Hella Flush 3.5!!!!!!!!!


So Hella Flush 3.5 is coming up next weekend and I'm glad to say that I WILL be there! This will be the xB's 1st show of the year! Im pretty excited. There are a few more things needed to be done to the car before its fully back together along with a few new things.

I know this show will be a good one so come out to see sine sick cars, nice drifting, and a cool grip event too!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Car Of The Week

Wow its been a while since I featured a car on here.

Well this car belongs to a fellow SL member "toeveryhour" its a RS3 tC with some added bonuses.

Mod List:

N/A Dyno results from UMS Tuning: 157.2 whp/161.4 tq
F/I Dyno results from UMS Tuning: 305.0 whp/293.6 wtq
Mitsubishi 18G turbo (Internal gate welded closed)
Greddy/Trust intercooler piping
Greddy/Trust FMIC
Greddy/Trust MAF mount pipe
HKS SSQV BOV w/recirc
Tial 38mm WG w/9.5psi spring
ExtremePSI.com pipe couplers
Clampco stainless steel T-bolt pipe clamps
AEM FIC unit - 1910 model
Dezod AEM FIC PnP harness
Deutschwerks 550cc PnP injectors
NGK Iridium plugs BRK7 series (2 steps colder)
Custom dump pipe from WG (Dumps to atmosphere)
Invidia s-pipe
ARP Head studs
PLX Wideband AFR
Autometer C2 Boost/vac gauge
Autometer C2 EGT gauge
ATI Center Dash 3-Gauge pod
Greddy full auto turbo timer
Exedy SPEC Stage 3 Clutch Kit
F1 Racing light-weight flywheel
Custom Greddy Evo 2 cat back exhaust
Megan Racing mid-pipe
Fujita air filter
Agency Power light weight crank pulley
Greddy air diversion panel
TRD radiator cap
Polished AEM battery tie down
Polished AEM oil cap
OBX Racing carbon fiber engine cover
White cathodes in engine bay


B&G RS2 coilovers
Hotchkis front and rear sway bars
TRD front strut tie bar
Axxis Ultimate brake pads
StopTech stainless steel brake lines
StopTech front and rear drilled and slotted rotors
Satin black brake calipers


18x7.5x35 Work Emotion XT7 in bronze
225/40/18 Nexen 3000 tires
Rays black lug nuts

JVC KW-AVX706 DVD in dash
JVC iPOD adapter
Two 12" Alpine Type E subwoofers
Alpine mrd-m501 amp
Custom fiberglass enclosure

Viper 771XV alarm system
Sparco Milano 2 seats signed by Adam Saruwatari
Sparco brackets and sliders
Sparco black Alcantara harness pads
Sparco 4 point black camlock harnesses
NRG harness bar
Sparco carbon fiber pedals
Sparco Road shift knob
Dr. Isotope 3 inch reduction short throw shifter
NRG short hub
NRG 2.5 quick release
MOMO Jet black leather/carbon fiber steering wheel
Tarepanda gauges
Black suede door inserts
Center wheel cap conversion on doors
Broadway rear view mirror
Blizzard Pearl accents
Carbon fiber cubby panel
Alcantara e-brake boot and arm rest cover
Scion floor mats
Lund aluminum door sills
Release Series 1 badging #2199 of 2500
Release Series 2 badging #128 of 2600
Release Series 3 badging #1371 of 2500
Scion United badging #292 of 500
Full interior LED swap
White cathode footwell lighting
White cupholder LEDs
Hyperwhite Varad LEDs

White neon underbody kit
5% tint, 5% windshield strip
Oznium smoked full third brake light
Smoked turn signals and side markers
Rockblocker 20% tinted tail lights
Release Series TYC tail lights
Blizzard Pearl painted headlights
Blizzard Pearl front window frames
Carbon fiber b-pillar appliqués
Keyhole plugs
Kenstyle body kit
Kaminari carbon fiber reverse cowl hood
VIS carbon fiber hatch with molded spoiler
Carbon fiber hatch garnish
Firmware Worx carbon fiber mirrors
Scion rear bumper protector
Honda S2000 antenna
Custom license plate








Want to be featured on Ramblings Of A Wookie? Email a modlist and pictures to eamon[dot]jalali[at]me[dot]com.

Song Of The Day

Song - Hey
Artist - 3OH!3 ft Lil Jon
Ablum - Hey-Single

Turn the lights down low
and let the DJ go until the speakers blow
(Stay until the break of dawn)
Take a sip of jack with a sip of that
there ain't no turnin back
(take her to the liquor store)

But hey, I don't care
Whereever there's a party
I'm the first one with a drink in the air
We can share
cause when we finish this one there will
be another bottle right here

Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey-ey-ey-ey (hey hey hey)

When the bass is low
you work it nice and slow
you let your body go
(Shake it till the break of dawn)
We can take a shot
of anything they got
dance on a tabletop
(Take her to the liquor store)

But hey, I don't care
Whereever there's a party
I'm the first one with a drink in the air
We can share
cause when we finish this one there will
be another bottle right here

Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey (hey hey hey)
Hey-ey-ey-ey (hey hey hey)

We don't want this night to end
we won't sleep
then we'll do it again.

We don't want this night to end
we won't sleep
then we'll do it again.


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Lengthts I Go To.......


Just to change my car's oil lol


Friday, February 5, 2010

Song Of The Day

Song: She Fly Me Way
Artist: Jason DeRulo ft Nemisis
Album: N/A

She the type of girl to make you lazy.
Don't wanna do a thing,
I've been thinkin' crazy lately.
Like buying her a ring,
I used to be at the party with ladies gettin' down..
I used to play with them girls but I'm thinkin' differnet now,
Oh shes a star, she makes me fly..
Taking me places, I've never seen..
Two worlds apart, but she don't mind..
Cause she's got her wings..

Used to be a Romeo til' I found my Juliet
Now I don't rome no more,
And all my love she gets..
She come from a different place,
I come from the other side..
Even though we not the same..
That girl she changed my life, oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. my Juliet.

Can't wait to wake up in the morning..
Knowing she'll be around
Heaven should of sent a warning
If I was sending me an angel down..
I used to chase all the money, the cars and all them broads..
But I don't care for them things ever since she stole my heart,
Oh she's a star, she makes me fly..
Taking me places, I've never seen..
Two worlds apart, but she don't mind
Cause she's got her wings..

Used to be a Romeo til' I found my Juliet
Now I don't rome no more,
And all my love she gets..
She come from a different place,
I come from the other side..
Even though we not the same,
That girl she changed my life, oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. my Juliet.

It's like a fairy tale .. that we all know so well,
And I'm so lucky that I found her, oh.
Its like a fairy tale.. that we all know so well,
And I'm so lucky that I found her, oh..

Used to be a Romeo til' I found my Juliet
Now I don't rome no more,
And all my love she gets..
She comes from a different place,
I come from the other side..
Even though we not the same..
That girl she changed my life, oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. my Juliet.

My Juliet (x2)
I finally found my Juliet..
My Juliet (x2)
I finally found her..


Just Another Day In the Life

So I'm sitting here in my READ96 class bored as hell. Class started at 8am, but it feels like it started hours ago. We are reading a passage out if Pete Hamil's "The Yellow Ribbon." Making predictions and things of that nature. I forgot my headphones so I cant listen to music and pass the time by faster. Sigh. Nobody is really on AIM either or Facebook. The forums aren't that active either. Scionlife, Wrong Fitment Crew, Stanceworks are all slow. It is only 9:12am so i guess its reasonable that nobody is on. I'm really hungry right now. Woke up late this morning so i didn't eat a proper breakfast. The 2 Fiber One bars I ate on the drive here are wearing off and i don't get a break till 10:40am. Ugh. all i have is this water bottle that is almost finished.

I hate finding parts that i need when i have no money for the. My boy Martin just informed me that there are a set of Tien basic coilovers for the 1st gen on Scionlife for 500 local. I need coils.....but i don't have 5 bills... =/ Oh well. Tis life.

I keep forgetting to get Photoshop so i cant edit pics right now to pass the time. I would use Photofaggot but even that isn't working as usual. Sigh today is going by really slow for a Friday.

My instructor is going over how to do our Blog Project. Teaching the class how to create a blog post. Yeah.... Going over more stuff i already know.
So the girl that sits next to me is reading... Stalker sounding? nah, she is sitting next to me lol. I wouldn't doubt if she is reading this as I type this. She is cute but has a boyfriend already. Oh well. On to the next one.

Well we have to get into groups and work on something now. I'll be back later with a more useful update.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Song Of The Day

Song: Invented Sex
Artist: Trey Songz
Album : Invented Sex Single

[Intro: Trey Songs}
This goes out to the beautiful girls
Which one of yall, which one of yall
Which one of yall goin' home wit trigga

[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
Sittin at the club oo shawty
Walkin past a nigga lookin all naughty
Then i sad baby wassup
Reach for that hand shake got a hug
Bottles of H got me wit a lil buzz
Up in VIP wit all my thugs niggas
U leaned over and said u want me
Girl when the vallet pull the benz up
Off to the crip shawty where we gon end up
Girl sit back relax hold up
Let me turn the radio on

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Girl let me get u to the crib (let me get u to the crib)
Upstairs to the bed (upstairs to the bed)
Girl you gonna think (x4)
Girl when I pull back them sheets
And you climb on top of me
Girl you gonna think (x4)
You gonna think I invented sex (x3)

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
Put the code in the gate
Pull up to the driveway
Cause she like the way i touch her
Listenin to usher i got a confession
kno we bout to sin but your body is a blessing (Papa forgive me)
Can we take it up stairs
My bed when and there
All i want to do is
Give you all of me
And want u give me all of u
I want your body like right now (right now)
You know i live a magnum lifestyle (lifestyle)
Baby turn the lights down
And ima turn you on

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Girl let me get u to the crib (let me get u to the crib)
Upstairs to the bed (upstairs to the bed)
Girl you gonna think (x4)
Girl when I pull back them sheets
And you climb on top of me
Girl you gonna think (x4)
You gonna think I invented sex (x2)
Cuz im gonna do it like i did

[Verse 3: Drake]
Its a celebration clap clap bravo
Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscado
For the girl whos a student and the friend whos a model
Finish the whole bottle and we gon do it big like this
Yea and he was just practice
He aint in your world you can take him off your atlas
Girl you on fire can i be the one you match with
Ill give you the credit card and baby you can max this out
Show me where your tats is
show me where you heads at
Maybe i can grasps it
If you ever come up wit a question you should ask it
Caught up on your ex still i can get you past it
Yea and your friends all suggest
Whats the chance of this nigga being betta than the rest
Just tell em you appreciate the help
But you just got to know for yourself

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Girl let me get u to the crib (let me get u to the crib)
Upstairs to the bed (upstairs to the bed)
Girl you gonna think (x4)
Girl when I pull back them sheets
And you climb on top of me
Girl you gonna think (x4)
You gonna think I invented sex (x3)


Friday, January 29, 2010

test update from my Phone

Dirty.... But Sexy!!!!


Damn you Cory!!! i wish i could be that low!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decisions Decisions....

So I picked up some 4mm spacers for my xB a while ago, but i never got around to putting them on since one of my tires went bust on at Volks. I was bored today so i decided to soo how they would look on the car. I put one side on with one of my Volks and ran into a little dilemma. For those that don't know there is a "design flaw" with the xB. the passenger side rear sits a few millimeters out more than the driver side does. Thus causing one side of the car to poke more than the other. Some say its only a 3mm difference or so. Well i put on my driver side rear with the spacer and noticed how it sat like the passenger side one without the spacer.





Here is my dilemma. I'm sorta anal when it come to thigs being the same. IE one side same as the other etc etc. I want to run the spacers on both sides so i can be at "-1 offset" in the rear. But with the issue the xBs have the passenger side will poke more. So here is my question. Run one on the driver's side or run both? I cant decide. Help will be greatly appreciated! Please comment!