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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Rambling

So I'm sitting here in my READ96 class again..... its 9:06am. Class has only been in session for an hour and i'm already bored. We are talking about Main Ideas & Paragraph Structure. Yeah, you see why i'm bored. I just want this class to be over so i can leave and go work on my buddies car. Haven't worked on his Hachi in a good min. Doing suspension work today and probably installing his new wheel. If i can get that stubborn screw out that is. The guy sitting 3 spots to my left is spazzing out. I think he is a tweeker. Looks like he hasn't got his morning fix yet. We have to pair up to compare answers to our homework. I didn't do it, My partner didn't do it, so yeah, what to do now... My teacher is pretty chill. She is not boring like English teacher or Philosophy teacher. "Attention up front!" my teacher just yelled at us. LOL, what she think we are? Highschoolers? I have no idea what we are talking about now. Depression i think. IDK why. All i heard was "where would people most likely be this" and then the states Washington, Alaska, Illinois, and Maine. Now we are talking about radiation... yeahhh..... weird class. So its 9:25 now... i want it to be 10:30 so i can go on break. Then its time for lab at 11:00am. then i'm out at 11:50am!

Tomorrow will be a good day. Leaving to Buttonwillow for HellaFlush 3.5! I hope it doesn't rain much. I really wanted to put my intake back in but didn't cuz of the forecast. I guess i wont open my hood for the show then. Can't really show off a Gutted OEM intake w/ K&N Filter. I just realized that my F5 intake hasnt been on for about a month now.... wow... I really need to pickup a dry charger for it so it doesn't get so wet when it rains.

WOW Ok, there is a girl in my class with a Disney Fairies Sippy cup style thing. It's really freaking me out.

Great... we are getting a time management lecture now. Ima stop typing now. I'll be back later with some useful update.


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