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Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Another Day In the Life

So I'm sitting here in my READ96 class bored as hell. Class started at 8am, but it feels like it started hours ago. We are reading a passage out if Pete Hamil's "The Yellow Ribbon." Making predictions and things of that nature. I forgot my headphones so I cant listen to music and pass the time by faster. Sigh. Nobody is really on AIM either or Facebook. The forums aren't that active either. Scionlife, Wrong Fitment Crew, Stanceworks are all slow. It is only 9:12am so i guess its reasonable that nobody is on. I'm really hungry right now. Woke up late this morning so i didn't eat a proper breakfast. The 2 Fiber One bars I ate on the drive here are wearing off and i don't get a break till 10:40am. Ugh. all i have is this water bottle that is almost finished.

I hate finding parts that i need when i have no money for the. My boy Martin just informed me that there are a set of Tien basic coilovers for the 1st gen on Scionlife for 500 local. I need coils.....but i don't have 5 bills... =/ Oh well. Tis life.

I keep forgetting to get Photoshop so i cant edit pics right now to pass the time. I would use Photofaggot but even that isn't working as usual. Sigh today is going by really slow for a Friday.

My instructor is going over how to do our Blog Project. Teaching the class how to create a blog post. Yeah.... Going over more stuff i already know.
So the girl that sits next to me is reading... Stalker sounding? nah, she is sitting next to me lol. I wouldn't doubt if she is reading this as I type this. She is cute but has a boyfriend already. Oh well. On to the next one.

Well we have to get into groups and work on something now. I'll be back later with a more useful update.


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  1. yo eamon i have a cracked version of photoshop if you need it.