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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new start

Well its time for me to have a new start. On what you might add? My car of course! After a while of doing lost of haggard shit to it it finally dawned on me... fuck this isnt the way to go.... Well it didnt really happen just like that, it was more of my driver side CV joint snapping on me. Yeah, that's right, i broke yet ANOTHER axle. after about a day of kicking myself in the ass and wondering WTF am i goign to do(and a stern talking to from Mike Ma) i decided that haggard will be no more when it comes to my car. From now on, everything will be done right on my car. If i want to go lower, ill have to save up for a set of nice coilovers. if i want to be flush, no more spacers or adapters, save up to buy a set of proper fitting wheels. Going to start doing ti right so my shit doesn't break anymore.

For starters i took out my cut springs and put in uncut DF210s.


Raised my car up about 1" but fuck it, its worth it. Also im borrowing some wheels from a good friend of mine too.


Next is getting my driver axle replaced and a new fender that will actually be painted BOP! yup no more sticker bomb or rust bullshit. Clean it will be.

So in the end all i have to say is


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