Go pound some sand.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Sorry Anthony But.....

When your car looked like this...


it looked a hell of a lot fucking better then how it looks now.


Those rear flares ruin it. I'm being straight up with you. You see why you don't take your car to a shitty shop and have shitty work done?

I'll say it again, those rear flares look like complete shit in my honest opinion.



  1. Yeah I'm sorry I took the time to post on here when your not worth the time....

  2. I'm just sayin' your car looked better IMO w/o those flares and that if they would have been done by a better shop they would have turned out better.

    I call shit as I see it.

  3. i think they balance out the front.... if they were molded it would look better but it dont look bad...