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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Bit More About Me...

Since i started last night and it was around midnight when i posted, i don't really think i covered enough in that intro about myself. I hit a few basic points but i was still missing a few things. So lets just dive into the rest of my intro...

Lets see we covered who i am and my age, where i live and what school i attend. AH! My car!

I drive a 2006(.5) Scion xB.
Color: Blue Onyx Pearl
Her name is Jazmine but she is also knows as the Wookie Wagon.
She is modded.
Power wise just a SRI, Header, and Axel Back Exhaust. Soon to have a glasspack in place of the stock resonator.
Exterior is mostly stock. No aftermarket kit. Just some LED tail lights and Blazer Fogs. Soon OEM fogs, a Roofrack, and Floodlights on the rack. all with 8k HIDS.
Audio wise... well i had a system, but im planning my new setup as we speak.
Wheels... well im a little crazy so when it comes to being flush/ having a nice stance so i am currently running Volk III's. The final offset that they have with the adapters are 18x8 +13mm front and 18x8 +3mm Rear (soon to be -2). I really want to pick up some Diamond racing widened steelies. 15x8.5 front 15x9.5 rear +18mm all around, or some CCW wheels (if i was baller enough).
I dont really have any good pictures of her right now but i promise to get some up once i do.

Hmmmm... sets see what else, what else...... Ah! I Know!
Im currently attending Fullerton Community College. I'm in my 2nd semester there. Im a full time student. Undecided on my major is so im just trying to get all my GE stuff done.

My Background.
I was born and raised here in California. Im from the CITY of Orange (yeah the REAL OC). I call Orange my home but my heart's home is up in the Bay Area, yeah NORCAL!!!! Im an average suburban kid, nothing really special about me.

Wow i just realized how long this post might be... hmmm, oh well, ehough about me. Ill start posting more stuff later on today. For now, i hope everybody has a great day. Stay tuned! There will be more of this Wookie's Ramblings to soon come!


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