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Friday, January 15, 2010

Song Of The Day

Sorry for the lack of updates this past few days. I was down in San Diego and my internet sucked. i could barley check my email or IM somebody let alone update this.

Anyway... on to the Song Of The Day

Song - Gap In The Fence
Artist - Enter Shikari
Ablum - Common Dreads


I lie here
Staring up at the stratosphere
And hoping we're
Gonna get out of here
It seems mad
That we're all born on the doorstep
Of squalor and of pedestals
And I lie here
Surrounded by a range of general anesthetics
To drowse the fact
That funding in 'security'
Is not matched by spreading equality

You'll hear us singing...
In the sunlight where you caught us
Plotting the downfall of hoarders

Every gap in the fence
We'll peek, we'll scratch, we'll stretch, we'll grab anything we can.

But if we grouped together
And made a bigger hole
Not just for our childrens hands
But for bigger plans

Cos I don't know about you
But I've gotta get out of here

We live so subserviently
Accepting all normality
Drenched with routine
Doused in the foreseen
And yes, granted we do prosper.
But the fact that we prosper
Is even taken for granted.


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